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One of the most common barriers to success in the gym is keeping your motivation after the inital burst of quick progress slows down. With my clients at the JD Gym in Dundee, I teach a few key points to help them avoid those mental blocks:


Having a consistent routine or training programme is a great tool for motivation because you don’t have to think about what you’re going to do each time you come to the gym, and it makes tracking progress from one week to the next much easier. Even if you don’t lose weight in a week, you may still gain strength on an exercise.


Train with a partner, or get a personal trainer or coach to make sure you’re going to the gym and getting the work done consistently. Training with a partner can be useful for creating friendly competition and pushing both of you to keep improving.


Track your progress using a notebook or app (I use FitNotes). This will show you where you started and how far you’ve come over the weeks, months or years. In the first few months of training, try to add 1.25 or 2.5kg per week on every exercise. Take progress pictures and keep track of how bodyweight changes.


The most important thing is to be patient, change will not come in a matter of days or even weeks sometimes. Use different metrics to track progress: bodyweight, strength, aesthetics, energy levels, body measurements. Always keep an eye on the bigger picture and recognise your achievements. Keep a log of achievements to look back on.

About the author : Sam Henderson

I am a Dundee-based personal trainer who loves lifting weights and guiding people through their fitness journey. I'm an ameteur strength athlete and compete in the 74 kg class of the International Powerlifting Federation.

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