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What are the best exercises for the glutes?

The glutes are a fundamental component of both strength and aesthetics, and acting as the main mover in hip extension, essential to hip health. Being a larger muscle group, the glutes are capable of moving a lot of weight in compound exercises that use other muscle groups for assistance, such as the deadlift and squat. With this in mind, optimal training for the glutes should include mainly compound movements with occasional isolation movements that focus on execution and activation of the muscle group.

Here are my top 5 staple glute exercises.

1. Barbell squat

The barbell squat is one of the most functional human movements we can train, and I firmly believe that anyone who is physically able to squat, should do it. It’s a fantastic exercise for both the glutes and the quads, with help coming in from the upper back, hamstrings and core muscles.

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2. Barbell hip thrust

The barbell hip thrust is one of the best isolation exercises available for the glutes, with minimal assistance from other muscle groups.

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3. Deadlift

The deadlift is a great exercise for working the whole posterior chain, from the hamstrings all the way to the upper back. The main mover in a conventional deadlift should be the glutes though, which allows you to put a great deadl of mechanical stress on them, leading to great muscle gains!

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