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exile fitness academy favicon Premium fitness coaching

Fitness and health specialists in Scotland

In EXILE you will find the highest level of online personal training, aimed to achieve the most specific goals ranging from body composition management and weight loss, all the way to muscular hypertrophy and sports-specific development.

With a highly trained team of coaches specialising in a range of techniques across all aspects of fitness, and using results-driven, peer-reviewed protocols grounded in the most up to date, cutting edge science, along with industry leading performance monitoring technology, the aptly named EXILE METHOD, is a comprehensive solution to all of your health and fitness needs.

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exile fitness academy favicon The Exile method

The EXILE METHOD, is the result of an accumulative 15 years of experience within the fitness industry across our team of coaches.

exile fitness academy favicon A programme designed to work for you

You will complete a comprehensive needs analysis, allowing your individually assigned coach to develop a goal-based exercise programme heavily grounded in the most cutting-edge scientific research studies, and calling on years of previous clients’ results to refine and perfect the exercise selection to work for you best.

exile fitness academy favicon Nutrition. Simple and realistic

Nutrition is often seen as the most confusing and demoralising part of any fitness regime, and we understand this. You will not find any restrictive meal plans, or forbidden food groups in the EXILE METHOD. Instead, you will be given in-depth nutritional advice, specific to your individual needs. This is aimed to perfectly compliment your exercise programming, and will be paired with an easy-to-understand strategy to help you hit your daily calorie and macronutrient targets.

exile fitness academy favicon A coach dedicated to you and your goals

Upon sign-up, you will be able to select the coach of your choice, or let us decide the coach that best suits your needs. This coach will be your guide, your support and most importantly your partner in achieving your goals. Your coach will be your relentless pillar of support, keeping you accountable with targets, continually reviewing your training and nutrition plan to make amendments where necessary, and assisting you to maximise your results all the way along your journey.